Save as You Earn

Posted on October 20, 2015, 12:05 am
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How often do we ponder upon the earnings we just made by our hard work and how fast it can go away by adding and paying expenses. To live in this world, one simply cannot survive on bartering alone, when the masses rely on the green paper what we know as money. Saving is a very important tip and also harbors some of our basic instincts. For some, paying for extravagance is fun. We typically make emotional, rather than intellectual buys on food, cars, upgraded electronic devices, or other luxuries. Extravagance which would make the life more colorful and exciting falls under the luxury category.

fotolia_29722618There are other groups of people who would save their hard earned money and would spend them wisely. They would deposit their earnings in banks or would think of saving it by any means possible. They have goals and great ideas on how they would spend their precious money; be it saving for great luxuries like cars or saving for educational and academic expenses. Saving for bills and other imperative expenses would also appear in forthcoming years. Saving for buying the dream house for the family, saving for a grand wedding, and all the other beautiful ideas and innovations which they can ever think of are truly worth saving for.

If you are a beginner, and not in the professional field of earning bucks, it’s advisable that you save as you earn because at sometimes you will be needing money for paying the tuition bills of your colleges and universities. As you grow older you start to become mature and sensible hence you would not want to rely on your parents to pay for your educational expenses. It’s a good habit and practice the difference between wise and foolish spending, and pay your own bills by yourselves and be less dependent upon your parent’s pockets. There are luxuries which hover around you. Some people find buying the latest edition of the iPhone to be simply irresistible.

Luxuries will always come in the way to entice and provoke you, but you should be careful about the spending. As a beginner in your job, you should be very careful about spending more than what you earn in the first place.

To make things easier on yourself, tally your daily spending with an app that you can keep a constant tab, add up all of your expenses, and calculate areas where your wants were greater than your needs. Measure how much money you are left with after the deduction of all the expenses from your income. It also helps you to keep a track and close eye on all your expenses and keep things tidy and simple.

Saving is a great way of living a happy and a peaceful life, you don’t need to worry about a shortage of money and you are always prepared to pay for any emergency expenses or any rising expenses and deal with several other situations if you can save your income. Always make sure in order to attain higher goals, you will have to first learn about matching and getting the smaller goals. If you can’t afford a financial adviser, gift yourself with debt elimination programs to help you earn a return in your investment within the first month. Debt is like poison, and only way you can dream big and achieve your desired goal is by savings.


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