Houseplants That Will De-Stress and Purify Your Home

Posted on October 03, 2015, 12:05 am
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Nowadays it is easier to purchase household cleaners which act as disinfectants and provides a smell of clean.  We know they are harmful, That is why we do our best to store them away from children and pets, but did you know what you are actually carrying in your house?   Furniture cleaner and synthetic carpet dyes, for example, releases a toxin called formaldehyde that causes us to be restless or have headaches.

Household cleaning products (such as detergents, paints, gasoline, etc.) release benzene that increases the chance for leukemia, and inhaling too much can give you a severe migraine.  Cresol, found in many disinfectants, can affect breathing, cause dizziness, diarrhea, stomachaches, problems with the kidneys, and headaches. fotolia_92115769

The most infamous of all cleaners is bleach. If used in an unventilated place, not only can you get teary eyed or nauseated, but the smell will linger in your lungs for a good while, and it is hard to get rid of the smell in the air.  Going outside and taking deep breaths of fresh air will help, as it is a good way to recover from inhaling toxins.

Let’s face it, most people won’t give up convenience but here’s something that will help; using plants that act as air purifiers. Whether your are using household cleaners, or remodeling, here are some plants that make your life more relaxing in any room.  Dr. Bill Wolverton recommends that you have at least two plants (in 10 to 12 inch pots) per 100 square feet of space. Just make sure that you do not over water your plants, or you can build mold from too much soil moisture. These plants not only create oxygen from carbon dioxide, but also absorbs the things that are not good for us in the air we breath.

Plants that fight formaldehyde: English Ivy, Snake Plant (aka Mother-in-Law’s Tongue), Golden Pothos, Red-Edge Dracaena, Spider Plant

Plant Air Purifiers: Peace Lily, Lady Palm, Boston Fern, Snake plant, Golden Pothos, Aloe Plant

Most people spend a lot of their time indoors, so having quality air is important.  Check out NASA’s top pics for the best plants to filter air out of the space station.  If they are good enough to filter air at NASA it surely would be good enough for your home, and it is a good recommend for all of our eco-friendly friends.

Arlene Summers secret was exposed when the local paper headlined her recovery from homeless story. She knew that if she didn't do something different she would live with regrets for the rest of her life. That challenge was her shift to never want to be in that position again. Since then, Arlene's help is like having someone hold your hand from start to finish and every step in between.

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