Halloween Costume Dos and Don’ts

Posted on October 26, 2015, 12:05 am
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Halloween is almost here. There are many who are still searching for that perfect costume. To them, we say, it is not late just yet. There are many simple ideas you can implement and execute from home and get everyone to notice the awesomeness that is you.

If you have younger siblings you would like to help get dressed for the occasion, or want to paint the town red in your own amazing costume, this is the article to read.

Have no fear! We have compiled some of our top tips and fashion guidelines for this festival of fear.

  • Decide the theme: First of all, quickly make up your mind if you would rather treat a Halloween costume party as a spooky affair, or enjoy a fall festival.  It is important to have some options narrowed down. If you are looking to dress like your not-so-spooky favourite character, there will be less special effect makeup, such as fake blood and gore involved. On the other hand, if you want it on the scarier side, invest on a lot of tissue paper, slime, fangs, and other things.


Girl in black superhero mask
  • Empowering Costumes: With the advent of progressive social media, there has been demand for costumes that empower you and the young ones. Costumes that preach empowerment and differences are really cool and make a huge statement. For example, dressing as Frida Kahlo or Marie Antoinette speaks of your refinement and great taste.


  • Ditch that cleavage already: Seriously, though, nobody wants to see yet another ‘adult’ interpretation of the Cheshire cat or Jessica Rabbit. Rather, think of dressing as ghosts from American Horror Story, which will make yours a more interesting costume full of special effects.


  • Group costumes: Squad goals anyone? Group costumes are very much ‘in’ this season. Get your whole group to dress as the various characters of Westeros, or even an army of White Walkers will give everyone the chills. People of different age groups can dress as the Weasleys or become a coven of blood thirsty vampires.


  • Zombiefy stuff: When all else fails, zombies come to the rescue. Take any costume of your choice, say the good old fashioned Elsa, and simply add zombie elements to it. You could even sing ‘Let it Go’ in a zombie like monotone and make everyone crack up. Also, imagine what will happen to the minions had they become zombies!

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