Getting Rid of Ego

Posted on November 22, 2015, 2:24 pm
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Not everyone can live up to your expectations. It is better to avoid being rude, cold, or mean to anyone just because their work didn’t meet your satisfaction. You should maintain a filter, or speak in a way that makes others try to avoid you like the plague. No matter how tough the situation may be, the worst solution is taking out your frustration and anger on someone else.


While it’s normal to fall short on controlling your emotions, make sure that your actions doesn’t scapegoat others for something they are not responsible for. People with the ego trips will value themselves higher than others, and are usually judgmental. Their way of mingling puts others on guard, they feel like they should win every argument, and are over-confident. With judgement comes bullying by putting others beneath who you are. Ego creates the need to receive approvals and recognition. They are competitive in every situation and are often trying to keep up with the Joneses. They tend to hide their true feelings and emotions, yet they have a lot of expectations from others. Nonetheless, ego causes a shortage of friendships, because who want to be around someone who always behaves like they are a cut above the rest, or are self justified.

Living with ego is not something you should be doing. You will be left out from the social circles eventually if you let the arrogance consume you. If you are an egocentric person, try to eliminate this because this can affect your social life, or set you up for a nervous breakdown in the long run. Don’t feel weirded out if you need to get help for having ego be your standard of living.

Here are a few important things you can try to lower your egos:

  • Rather than be judgmental, have genuine conversations where you ask questions to learn about people without interjecting your thoughts, beliefs, or opinion.
  • Mingle with people from different backgrounds and societies.
  • Be patient and try to communicate with others in the friendliest way possible.
  • Make sure that you don’t lose patience. Be cool and calm because the moment you lose your temper, the mission will no longer be successful.
  • Compliment others for their effort, no matter how little the work is. Words of motivation induce inspiration, which is quite amazing.
  • Always try to maintain a good, healthy and peaceful relationship with your acquaintances.
  • If you have temper issues try joining the yoga classes, or do something that will reduce your stress levels. There you will learn the best ways of meditation and relaxation.

Nurturing ego is a bad practice and you cannot go a long way doing this. To live a peaceful social life, you have to be friendly and well behaved. Your character should portray all the good human qualities that others expect from you. Don’t let the ego dominate your senses. Try to avoid this practice as much as you can. For a better life, say no to ego.

Arlene Summers secret was exposed when the local paper headlined her recovery from homeless story. She knew that if she didn't do something different she would live with regrets for the rest of her life. That challenge was her shift to never want to be in that position again. Since then, Arlene's help is like having someone hold your hand from start to finish and every step in between.

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