Emotions That Accompany Decisions

Posted on October 15, 2015, 12:05 am
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As human beings, we all experienced difficulties and storms. Difficulty has a way of incorporating itself in the real life problems we encounter daily. Poor judgement can certainly change the shape of everything associated with decision making. At that very moment, just when you realize that your actions has caused serious harm, everything starts to fall apart, and you find yourself in an unrestrained trouble. The situation you find yourself in is the real essence of the topic here.fotolia_64735399

Remembering a flashback during difficult times of my life, I feel this feeling every time. The feeling of being constantly tested by a greater being. I firmly believed those hard times were nothing but trials. I now realize that in those tough days my thinking became vulnerable. I started paying more attention to my emotions. I was not optimistic about anything and believed in everything which seemed to a pity party.

There was this guilt working inside my mind and I wanted to take out my anger and frustration on others. It was just that I was not ready to go through those situations. Every time I would try to make myself ready, a tempest blew over. This kept on making me end up in grave trouble. This is not unusual, this is how life works, it flows like a river going through rocks and stones which are hurdles and obstacles that we tend to encounter in real life.

As human beings, we always stick to the fear that, in some stage of our life, we will go through many painful ordeals. For instance, death, loved ones distancing themselves, and several other miseries and sorrow. There is a fine line between physical well-being and being mentally sound and fit. We tend to worry a lot about the materialistic issues which comes our way. However, conscience has a way of constantly poking and instigating the cost we have to pay for the our well-being.

During these difficult times, it is imperative that we keep calm and do not lose our temper. Panicking will only lead you to self-destruction and it may also cause harm to others. Unless someone is disciplined, it is normal and usual to not visualize what the future holds. But, we can definitely make predictions when we problem solve. Lack of control will affect you and it might affect others living in your surroundings.

As you advance towards a new year, hope to achieve, deliver, and tackle any challenges life throws your way. It is essential that you should prepare myself in such an efficient manner.  Pay less importance to arrogance and self-worth; rather act and respond to any challenges and obstacles with a cool and calm mind. This will be a difficult thing to learn yet will come very handy in the long run.


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