Avoid These Leadership Qualities

Posted on October 07, 2015, 12:05 am
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Whenever a team work happens, some get uncomfortable, some get excited, and some are totally neutral about the whole thing. But there is always someone in a group who takes the lead and gets fellow members. Being a leader is a great responsibility and often demands tremendous amount of skill, confidence, patience, and dedication; but even if someone has all of the mentioned qualities, it always doesn’t make them a good leader. So, what are the qualities that make a bad leader?

First of all, being inconsiderate is what makes a bad leader. Despite being a know-it-all, does-it-all or has-it-all; a leader must pay attention to the group members’ opinions, as well as to their problems. Not everyone is capable of balancing out everything or completing a task properly, and no one less intelligent or inferior to anyone else. A group always consists of a variety of people, which often results in disagreements and disorientation at work. It’s the job of a leader to prevent that from happening; but if the person is insensitive towards others, it would be impossible to avoid this situation and all the hard work would be futile.fotolia_28185432

The second  negative quality, of leadership, is being overconfident. Overconfidence frequently develops into a bossy trait and it makes the worst kind of leaders possible, because their self-assurance is too much to bear for everyone around them, thus making the group disobedient and indifferent towards the leader’s decisions. The perfect human being does not exist, so knowing everything is not possible either. You could be wrong or inadequate for certain types of jobs. Being able to accept that and letting others do it properly doesn’t make someone a bad leader, but not letting them to do what they are best at and bossing them around in every area is very harmful for the team as well.

The last, but not the least, would be being too compromising. A leader must possess great insight, both of the outcome of the already taken decisions and his/her group members’ potentials. Agreeing with everyone, therefore, not being able to come up with the right solution indicates bad leadership. Considering every aspect is good, but prioritizing everyone’s views as they belong to the group isn’t smart and won’t bring any solution either. Usually doing so will perplex everyone and will create confusion about the tasks, which they need to complete in order to reach their desired outcome. While leading, one must know when to stand on their ground or it will turn into a bad one.

Leadership is something which has to be done in a precise manner. Even a tiny mistake might cause huge troubles, not only for the leader himself/herself, but for his/her mates as well. While a good leading requires a lot of effort, being a bad leader is really easy if someone is ignorant enough about their mates and team resources, own capabilities, and the exact elements which are required for the perfect moment.


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