Apostle Dora Dumbuya

Posted on November 20, 2015, 12:30 pm
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Apostle Dora Dumbuya


Dora Dumbuya (aka Mama Dumbuya; Apostle Dumbuya) is a native of Freetown, Sierra Leone, and came from poverty. Her ministry started while she and her husband where living at the Wilberforce Army officer’s quarters.  Not expecting anything, Mama Dumbuya, as many call her, started teaching a few children about God.  When parents of the military base started seeing the positive changes in their children, Mama Dumbuya’s ministry expanded.  Apostle Dumbuya recalls how a desperate mother came to her asking for prayer for her child. Doctors couldn’t cure what was ailing her child.  Not knowing how to pray, Mama Dumbuya said, “In Jesus name be healed,” The child was instantly healed, word spread in the community, and larger audiences to come to Mama Dumbuya for a healing.  As the ministry grew, temporary locations were used for worship until Apostle established a permanent facility called Jesus is Lord Ministries.

Mama Dumbuya is a woman of discipline, dedication, devotion and distinction. Called into full time pastoral ministry in 1983, her evangelical ministry, social outreach programs, and faith clinics for women with maternal issues has impacted the moral and spiritual fabric of the nations.  Mama Dumbuya’s philanthropic and humanitarian’s mission includes feeding the poor, destitute and underprivileged children and the Milton Margai Blind School.

Annually she embarks on providing food supplies, clothes, shoes and other resources to hundreds of displaced, homeless and less fortunate individuals from camps and centers around the country; especially during the Christmas season. It is estimated that approximately 70-75% of Christians in Sierra Leone have been impacted by her ministry even those who belong to other faith communities.

Her faith clinic allows her to pray for women who have complications with their pregnancy and battered women.  To date, over five thousand babies have been born to women with fertility issues through prayer.  One notable case is a woman who was pregnant for a year and four months.

During the recent Ebola Crises, Mama Dumbuya refused to travel outside of Sierra Leone despite all the offers that were given to her by family and associates; she remained in order to provide spiritual support and comfort to ease the unrest in the lives of the people. Her decision was to help strengthen the faith of the people and ease unrest in the lives of the people by praying & interceding. Mama Dumbuya is thankful for claiming the promise of God. Her followers still prayed and fasted to God, during the crisis, even when fellowship had to cease for short season while people in the community endured health inspections to prevent further Ebola outbreaks. In everything Apostle thanked God because she held fast to the same God who has the power to eliminate plagues according to His will in Sierra Leone, just as He did with the Egyptians.  “The Ebola crisis is evident that He never leaves you or forsakes you,” Apostle states.  “He is a good God. In the midst of tribulation, He is always there for us.”  With government permission, and precautionary measures, Mama Dumbuya was still able to feed and provide clothing to the hungry during the Christmas holidays.  Since the community couldn’t come to her, her organization transported provisions to the community.

Mama Dumuya receives the highest level of respect from people of every tribe, ethnicity, religious traditions and political affiliations in Sierra Leone. In 2007 President Ahmad T Kabbah and gave her the “Officer of the Order of Rokel” and in 2012, President Ernest Koroma  gave her a “Grand Officer of the Order of Rokel” for her outstanding service to the Republic of Sierra Leone. These are among Sierra Leone’s most prestigious public service award.  She has authored several books a including: Crying Baby and Humble Beginnings. She has ministered and organized numerous local, international and ecumenical crusades and  revivals  in Sierra Leone’s National Stadium  and in other countries including the: United States of America, the United Kingdom, Norway, Italy, Holland, Sweden, France. She has ministered at the United Nations.

Mama Dumbuya ends the interview the way she started, sharing her faith. “We walk by faith and not by sight.  God is always there for us to see us through. Know that in Luke 1:37 with God all things are possible.  God is able to make the impossible possible, because He’s God. He is a good God.”

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