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Posted on May 23, 2013, 7:12 am
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About Us

Set of motivational backgroundThe world we live in is full of inspiring and wonderful stories.  While some of them are unfolding at distant places, others are happening right at your front door.  Be Inspired Magazine is dedicated to bringing these inspirational stories to you by utilizing the power of the digital age to multiply and express acts of generosity, beauty and kindness, and enable you to drive past hard times with courage and determination.  Our social media sites, web site, and magazine are specifically designed to provide you all this and more.  It doesn’t matter what inspires you; you will get it here.  At Be Inspired Magazine, we aim to promote and tell the inspirations stories of organizations and people.  With the help of inspiring pictures, and inspiring quotes to live by, one by one we’ll make a positive difference in the lives of people.


You may find some of the stories in Be Inspired Magazine that contain the ingredients to what inspires you; but the most important thing is that all these stories celebrate the role of change-makers in communities around you.  They demonstrate that small but courageous acts don’t just change their own lives, but also the whole world.  In simpler terms, ‘Be Inspired’ will help you to turn your consumer mindset to that of an active contributor, thus creating a better environment for you, those around you, and for generations to come.

The Founder

255175_4943877762836_876711807_nArlene Summers calls herself an employee-preneur.  As a single mother of four, she is someone who knows exactly what inspires and encourages people to come out of difficult times as she successfully overcame homelessness in 2010.  What’s more amazing is that after losing job security, and being further into debt, Arlene changed her endless cycle of debt by making the decision to connect with a thriving community of individuals who succeeded in changing their lives for the better.  What followed next was nothing less than a miracle.  She used the War on Debt principles to pay off $5,000 of her debt within her first 10 months and made the decision to invest in herself to change her family’s future for the better.

Annoyed and frustrated with negative and tragedy driven news, Arlene Summers used her skills and launched Be Inspired Magazine.  The magazine aims to create an international network where anyone can freely connect with real people who have succeeded in accomplishing their goals despite everything going against them.  Digital editions of this web magazine contains inspiring stories, strategies to live by, and anything else you will need to help you achieve your goals, whether monetary or just seeking happiness in your relationships.  The motivational stories from real people have the potential to move you and inspire you.

If you, or someone you know has an inspirational story or picture, share it with us on one of our social media tagline #1BeInspired or Facebook.  Who knows, maybe you can be in one of our publications.

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